Pfeiffer & Schwartzel Family History


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The Pfeiffer Brothers used a number of means to advertise their whiskey. Although in their day, advertising means was somewhat limited. It consisted of newspaper and magazine ads and a number of giveaway items. Some of these were meant solely for the saloons while other items were meant to give out to individuals.

For the saloons ads consisted of large signs, barrels with their names and back bar decanters. Also, they used small signs.

For individuals, they used items such as pocketknives, thermometers,  and whiskey decanters.  They also used metal plates that could have been used as a sign or as a small serving tray. Most of the following items are part of the collection held by John Pfeiffer. Several items were obtained from the internet, Ebay auctions where John Pfeiffer was an unsuccessful bidder.

Saloon Items:


Glass, reverse painted sign with copper band, about 24" in diameter.

Back bar decanters filled from whiskey barrels.

Giveaway Items:

The distillery shown on the pocket knife is the Tom Moore Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky.

A fold up mailer - "What were they doing!"

Front -  Side one                                                                        One tab open - "What's Going On"

Inside - "What were you thinking"

The Vienna Art Plate, patented in 1905 is a unique plate design made of metal and meant to hang on a wall. Similar plates were manufactured and were used a tip trays or as serving trays. Pfeiffer Brothers produced at least four different trays or signs.

Rear label on the plate                                                                               Enlargement of the cork on the plate















A note pad used by one of their distributors.