Pfeiffer & Schwartzel Family History


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Historical Documents

The following documents are about the life of Joseph Schwaerzel, his wife and children. The location of the original documents is unknown. 

An Extract of the Book of Baptisms of the Parochial Church at Königstein.

In the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven 1811, July 7th, was baptized Carolus (Carl) Joseph, son of Hieronimus Schwerzel, of this region, a miller, and Margaretha - also Schwerzel,    – to (by) Carl Joseph Tob Rücker from Griftal.

Into his faith, I have given these presents (or the Presented) and I have placed (affixed) the seal of the church.

                                                                                                            M. Strandt

                                                                                                            Parish Officer P.T.


Feb. 10, 1841



From the Civil Station’s Register of Births at Wiesbaden.

Sophie Elizabeth Christine Preiher, daughter of B. and day laborer George Preiher and Katharina, nee Reitzel, a married couple at Wiesbaden, was born there May 30, 1821.

                                    Wiesbaden March 9, 1841


Vaccination Certificate

(Certifying) that Adam Joseph, son of H. Joseph Schwaerzel, was vaccinated on both arms in Weisbaden July 15, and upon examination on July 19, said vaccination was declared successful.



1843    On January 12 - born Johanna, Maria, Margaretha, Katharina Schwaerzel

1849    On April 4 - born Adam Joseph Schwaerzel

1851    On August 30 - born Carlotta Margaretha Schwaerzel

1853    On December 3 - born Karl (Charles) Schwaerzel

                                                            Joseph Schwaezel

Abstract Number Reg. 3462

                                                                                                                        January 27, 1842

The request of Joseph Schwaerzel of Hattersheim, Decal Magistracy of Höchst, for acceptance into the Community of Wiesbaden with the permission of marriage with Elisabetha Preusser from there now been granted.

Wiesbaden, January 24, 1842

The government of the country of the Duchy Nassau.

H.  For information and delivery

to the local police department.



District of New York - Port of New York

Manifest of Passengers


Vessel:  Robert Parker

Captain: Krefether

Arrival: May 22, 1854

No. of Passengers: 351

Port of Departure: Le Havre











                        Joseph       43 

                        Elizabeth   33  

                        Adam          5 

                        Carlotta    11m

                        Conrad      33 

All were listed being born in the country of Hessen, the region of Germany where Wiesbaden is located, and all were listed as farmers. There may have been a problem of immigrating as a tradesman. Charles Schwartzel was not listed, he would have been five months old. The age listed for Carlotts was wrong, she was three.

 The photocopy was obtained from the National Archives and the same information is listed in “Germans to America” by Glazier and Filby.

 The Robert Parker made a number of trips between Le Havre, France and Liverpool, England to New York. There is limited information on this ship and a second ship named the Robert Parker was built in 1854 but is not the ship listed above. From the number of passengers, the ship must have been a three or four masted square-rigged ship and is believed to have a capacity of 599 tons.   


Marriage certificate of Charles Schwartzel and Margaret Gerard, Floyd courthouse, Indiana, April 24, 1877